Wataru Endo Web News Summary


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・Smart FLASH “Wataru Endo gets used to “elbow touches”… Soccer player’s “overseas coronavirus life”” June 2020 5th of the month


・Yansaka “Wataru Endo VS 100 High School Soccer Club Members Remote Training Showdown between Germany and Japan! -POCARI SWEAT SPECIAL SESSION” June 9, 2020


・Sportiva 『FarWataru Fuji talks about the truth behind his loss in the Rio Olympics qualifying league. “The first match was everything.” August 1, 2020


・Sportiva “Wataru Endo understands Takumi Minamino’s harsh words. I felt my limits at the Rio Olympics” August 1, 2020


・YAHOO special feature “Someday in the era of “Wataru” – Japan representative midfielder Wataru Endo who is challenging for the Bundesliga First Division A dream that I swear” August 26, 2020


・LEGENDS STADIUM×SOCCER KING “[Wataru Endo x Harry Sugiyama] Talking about the future of Japanese soccer” September 23, 2020 day


・NewsPicks(SportsPicks) “[Wataru Endo] with the ‘mental switch’ ability essential for coronavirus” October 2020 21st of the month


・JFA.JP “Interview with Wataru Endo (Stuttgart/Germany)” March 19, 2021< /a>


・SPORTS BULL “Hiroshi Nanami approaches the secret of Wataru Endo’s big break! Maiko Kano pursues a cool form! ” June 13, 2021


・SPORTS BULL “The second half of the remote interview with Wataru Endo! “The Ace Who Can’t Lose” appears in “The Road to Becoming the Queen of the First Pitch Ceremony”! ” June 13, 2021


・Number WEB “《Two-Wielding Wataru Endo》 Passing ability added to Duel Highly rated as captain, Atsuto Uchida What is the “Bundes + national team number” that exceeds ” December 29, 2021


・Number Premium Toe Event “Wataru Endo x Kazuyuki Toda “Duel and Leader Theory with the Japanese National Team”” February 15, 2022


・Number WEB “Before the big game for the World Cup… Wataru Endo talked about the ball with Kazuyuki Toda The secret to winning power: 1st place in the Bundesliga duel: “Honestly, even I was surprised.” March 13, 2022


・Number WEB “[The Determination of a Steward] Wataru Endo “The Duel King’s Compass for Defeating a Great Power”” 2022 May 7th